Here's How Much It Costs To Order A Tesla Cybertruck In Black Or White

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The optional colors are currently available in participating Tesla service centers in California.

The Tesla Cybertruck has finally arrived four years after its reveal, and we now know the production model's long-awaited specs and options. Interestingly, the electric truck could be purchased without its stainless steel exterior finish with optional colors priced at $6,500.

Of note, Tesla CEO Elon Musk once said that the "Cybertruck can have any color you want, so long as it's nothing" and wraps won't be offered, at least "at first."

According to Tesla's website, the Cybertruck is available with two paint protection film (dubbed Color Paint Film) colors, namely satin black and satin white. For those who do not fancy the stainless look, this could be the go-to choice.

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The $6,500 price tag for the optional color does sound pricey, but at least it's lower than the $8,000 amateur vinyl wraps for Model 3 and Model Y. However, it's important to note that the electric pickup starts at $60,990 (a far cry from the $39,900 base price Tesla promised initially), and adding the color option could be already hefty for some buyers.

Then again, that's the price if you want to differ from the sea of Cybertrucks with the default stainless look similar to the DMC DeLorean.

The Color Paint Film is urethane-based, protecting the vehicle against scratches. It is also said to be more environmentally friendly than traditional vinyl. Early adopters who may be looking for a more affordable alternative can consider the satin clear paint film, priced at $5,000.


The prices mentioned include the cost of materials and installation. Those who will avail will have to bring their trucks to the current participating Tesla service centers in West Covina and Carlsbad, California.

Apart from the colors, Tesla is also offering a plethora of accessories, such as a basecamp ($2,975), crossbars ($800), a tailgate ramp ($400), and a wheel cover ($75), among others. There is also a OMFG decal for the window, referring to the infamous cracked window during the 2019 reveal.

If you're wondering what a black Cybertruck would look like in the metal, Tesla's head designer Franz von Holzhausen brought one at a Tesla & Coffee event in Santa Monica, California, last month.

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