Here's How The Ford Maverick Got Its Name

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No, it wasn't inspired by the original compact car.

The Ford Maverick is finally here and it's already racking up the orders. Literally overnight, Ford has helped reignite the compact truck, a segment that was deemed dead by many industry analysts and even automakers only a few years ago. But things are constantly changing and the Blue Oval recognized there was a market opening for such a vehicle, and the Maverick was born. But how did it chose the 'Maverick' nameplate? It wasn't inspired by the old compact car from the 1970s, that's for certain.

Speaking to Ford Authority, the truck's marketing manager, Trevor Scott, revealed why the name was chosen.

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"We knew very well that this customer was a younger customer, they're very much after a more active lifestyle, and affordability is also strong with those customers," he said. "So the Maverick name resonated very strongly with those customers. We put different options in front of them, and it was Maverick almost unilaterally. They identified their lifestyle, the way they live their lives, with the name and define those expectations. And that is also what Maverick does because it's a pickup that delivers 40 miles per gallon."

These younger customers also don't remember (or aren't even aware) of the old compact model that was last sold in the US in 1977.

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It came before their time. Ford seems to have done everything right so far with its new truck, as the growing reservation list clearly shows. In fact, a solid majority of those reservations are coming from California, a state that's synonymous with outdoor activities, ranging from surfing in the ocean to hiking in the mountains.

The Maverick is the ideal vehicle for doing all of that. Its excellent fuel efficiency, as noted above, is another huge plus for these younger customers who are often more concerned with environmental issues. The Maverick is not the gas guzzler that is the F-150 Raptor, for example. The 2022 Ford Maverick is set to go on sale in dealerships nationwide this fall.

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Source Credits: Ford Authority

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