Here's What Volvo's BMW X7 Fighter Could Look Like


Is it different enough from the XC90?

After recording one of its best sales years ever in 2019, Volvo is gearing up to expand its lineup with two new models. Volvo is rumored to expand its model range with a new coupe model based on the XC40, rumored to be called the C40 and a full-size three-row model to sit above the XC90, rumored to be called the XC100. The Volvo XC90 is the Swedish automaker's current flagship SUV, which rivals models like the Audi Q7, BMW X5, and Mercedes-Benz GLE. This new XC100 would be larger, battling the likes of the BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS.

The next-generation XC90 is expected for a 2022 release while the XC100 won't be revealed until 2023 with an all-electric variant to follow in 2023. While the XC100 is still several years away, Russian rendering artist Nikita Chuyko has taken a crack at imagining what Volvo's future flagship might look like.

Early reports claim the XC100 will be seven inches longer and five inches wider than the current XC90. But if Volvo stays true to its current design, we doubt this new model will look markedly different from the smaller XC90. That is why Chuyko has based his XC100 rendering on the XC90, only altering the headlight and taillight designs to differentiate it. The rest of the car looks similar to the XC90, which makes sense as most Volvo models at the moment look alike. Chuyko's headlight design is a bit more aggressive while the connected taillight design at the back gives the XC100 a wider stance.


We expect the XC100 to come powered by Volvo's next-generation plug-in hybrid system. The current T8 drivetrain in the XC90 produces 400 horsepower from a 2.0-liter twin-charged four-cylinder with an electric assist from the hybrid system providing around 18 miles of driving range. An all-electric version will follow and should also produce well over 400 hp. Expect the XC100 to be priced above the XC90, which currently starts at $48,350.

Source Credits: Nikita Chuyko

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