Here's When BMW's Hardcore M4 CSL Will Begin Production

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Save the date.

A legendary BMW model will triumph once again, but we'll have to wait until 2022 to experience its track wrath. The hardcore, coupe-only BMW M4 CSL is currently undergoing testing and our spy photographers have been tracking its progress for the past few months at the Nurburgring. BMW has only applied the CSL badge (Coupe, sport, lightweight) two previous times in its long history. The first was the 3.0 CSL, also known as The Batmobile, and 2003's E46 M3. Not even the previous generation M4 receive this coveted name, though the M4 GTS was and still is an amazing machine.

And now, a longtime and reliable member of the Bimmer Post forum claims the automaker will begin production of the M4 CSL in exactly one year's time: July 2022.

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That means a debut will happen earlier, perhaps as soon as this September at the Munich Motor Show. Geneva in March 2022 is another possible reveal venue. Unlike the current M4 Competition, the M4 CSL will be strictly rear-wheel-drive. Ditching the AWD system will shed significant poundage.

Under the hood, the 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged inline-six engine will remain but will produce more power than the M4 Competition's 503 horsepower. Figure at least 540 hp. The also familiar eight-speed automatic will likely remain because a six-speed manual probably can't handle the additional torque. But the manual is also lighter than the slushbox and weight is the performance enemy.

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Is it possible engineers have somehow managed to beef up the six-speed? Yes, but it's unlikely because this would be an expensive process for a very niche and limited edition model. The total production run will probably be around 1,000 examples, give or take. The production period will be quite short because the refreshed M4 is due for the 2024 model year.

Aside from the added power, expect an upgraded suspension, an ultra-lightweight exhaust system, some active aero elements, and, possibly, the debut of new technologies. The M4 GTS utilized an advanced water injection system to help increase performance, for example. Look forward to receiving more M4 CSL updates over the next several months.

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Source Credits: Bimmer Post

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