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What's taken so long?

The all-electric Nissan Ariya was first revealed exactly one year ago, yet customers cannot preorder the new model. But that's soon about to change. Ariya Forums has just posted a Twitter response received from Nissan regarding when those orders will officially get underway. A specific date was not provided, but the response did state "preorders for our Ariya will begin later this year."

Given that there are less than two months left of 2020, expect those preorders to get underway next month. If it were happening this month then it'd be very likely Nissan would have issued a press release by now. So December it is. But there's another key piece of information Nissan has not yet announced: pricing.

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All we've been told on the matter is a starting price of around $40,000, a full $10k or so less than its chief rival, the Tesla Model Y. The Model Y has also suffered from some build quality issues and given Nissan's general reputation on this matter, the Ariya likely won't suffer a similar fate.

The Ariya's arrival may even call into question the future of the Nissan Leaf, the Japanese automaker's first-ever all-electric series production model now in its second generation. Nissan already expects the Ariya to outsell the Leaf even though there's a $9k price gap between base models. But still, the Ariya is not only a far better-looking vehicle than the five-door hatchback Leaf, its estimated range figures are better.

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The EPA states the Ariya's preliminary range is 270 to 280 miles with the 65-kWh battery, increasing to 360-380 miles with the optional 90-kWh battery. The Leaf, meanwhile, has just one battery option - a 40 kWh unit - with a maximum range of 151 miles. For a huge chunk of Nissan EV buyers, spending the additional $9,000 to $10,000 on the base Ariya is worth it alone for the 119-mile (minimum) driving range.

We'll be on the lookout for Ariya preorder details from Nissan, including pricing, and you can also check out its official website and sign up for updates.

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Source Credits: Ariya Forums

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