Here's When You Can Order The BMW XM

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XM pre-orders will open at the same time as the reveal.

It's official: after quiet mutterings and several rumors, it's been confirmed that the BMW XM will debut on September 27. A new video shared by the automaker teases the most controversial M car yet, giving us a brief glimpse of the production-ready front end. Here, the split-headlight design can be seen, along with illuminated grille surrounds revealed in an earlier teaser.

Aside from that, there's not much else, aside from a solitary sentence - "get ready for first contact." This bizarre nod to science fiction and extraterrestrial life forms also appears on the XM's new website, where the automaker continues to feed fans several cryptic teasers.


Described as a fusion of the company's SUV and performance products, the site reads "From spectacle to vessel, the primal energies of X and M combine." BMW also hints at the imposing style of the XM, a vehicle that will go down well with anyone that likes to make an entrance. "Make your presence known to all. Pearls of wisdom shatter and turn to dust, as you enter a new space - surrounded by complete tranquility. You have arrived."

Apart from this, and an attempt to convey the XM's sensational performance, potential customers can also sign up to be informed about the impending pre-order process. Not much is said but, according to one dealership employee, the controversial SUV will usher in a new ordering program.

2023 BMW XM Front View BMW 2023 BMW XM Rear View BMW
2023 BMW XM Front View
2023 BMW XM Rear View

Referred to as the new "Pre-Order 2.0 program," from September 27, potential customers will be able to secure an order spot with a refundable $5,000 deposit, paid to an authorized BMW dealership. These pre-orders will close, and official order banks will then open.

Furthermore, the dealer communique notes the first deliveries will commence as early as April 2023. There's no official word on pricing yet but we've previously speculated that the top-end, V8-powered Black Label derivative may be placed in the $170,000 - $180,000 range. As such, it will supplant the X7 as the halo SUV in the German automaker's range.

2023 BMW XM Front Angle View BMW 2023 BMW XM Rear Angle View BMW
2023 BMW XM Front Angle View
2023 BMW XM Rear Angle View

More "affordable" variants are sure to follow, though. Aside from a new pre-order process, the XM will also introduce different trim levels. These designations - Red Label and the aforementioned Black Label - will express the individual vehicle's status in the lineup and, of course, its owner's status in life. We expect the powerful 750-horsepower variant to adopt the Black Label nomenclature, with the former reserved for the lesser-powered 50e derivative.

Despite the outcry from BMW M fans and agents of good taste, we expect the XM to be yet another cash cow for the company. Big, outlandish SUVs are all the rage at the moment, and monied consumers are willing to pay big bucks to get their hands on the latest status symbol. The XM should be no different. We already know it won't be the poster child for classic good looks but, hopefully, it's still a hoot to drive.


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2023 BMW XM Front View 2023 BMW XM Rear View 2023 BMW XM Front Angle View

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