Here's Where Hoonigan Is Heading Without The Iconic Ken Block

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A lot of things changed after the legend's untimely passing.

The Hoonigan team dropped a new video on YouTube this week that explains which direction the team is heading in after the tragic passing of Ken Block.

Brian Scotto, Block's business partner and friend, says the year was supposed to start with a trip to Australia where the team would film a new version of This vs. That, a popular video series that pits interesting modified cars against each other. Of course, the unfortunate events of January 2 put those plans on pause.

Another show, Tangents, will also end, but Scotto notes that viewers have much to look forward to. "This show, which will [be released] on Wednesdays, is going to be the show around all the stuff that we really want to do. It was one moment for us where I think we took this thing that happened this year and said we should all be doing what we really want to do."


The group says it will be similar to Daily Transmission, which gradually disappeared as Hoonigan grew.

Team member Ron Zaras said that 2023 is a big year for Hoonigan. "We've got a big year coming up, we've got a lot of plans. We took a step back, and we want to go to the roots of what we are as Hoonigan. This vs. That will remain a staple, but more builds have been promised, too, along with Hoonigan's project car channel.

Block's absence has left a hole in the heart of the team - and fans worldwide - but it's clear they're determined to honor the talented rally driver by doing what they do best.

His family will also be honoring Block's memory in the best possible way, with his wife Lucy and daughter Lia returning to the rally scene next month.

Lucy Block made the announcement on her Instagram account. "We had already made a plan for ARA 2023 season & Ken would be proud of us for rallying. We don't have all of the details sorted out, but we will figure it out & we will see you at a rally soon," she wrote.

Mrs. Block will pilot a Fiesta rally car, while her daughter Lia will enter the 100 Acre Wood Rally in a rear-wheel-drive Subaru BRZ. According to Car and Driver, Alex Gelsomino will join Lucy as a co-driver, while his wife, Rhianon, will serve as Lia's co-driver. It's rather fitting, as Gelsomino served Ken during his various rally ventures.

"I soon remembered that we are a [rallying] family & we love those woods, those gravel roads & that extended family we have created," added Lucy Block.


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