Here's Why Tesla Needs To Build A Model 3 Wagon

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Would you buy it if Tesla built it?

The Model 3 has been the most important car in Tesla's history, as it helped the company sell to a wider consumer base with its much lower price point. But as we've seen across the industry, crossovers now exceed sedan sales and the all-new Tesla Model Y is likely to replace the Model 3 as the company's most popular model. To create the Model Y, Tesla took the Model 3's platform and expanded it to create more room inside and more ground clearance.

Transforming the Model 3 into a crossover was obviously the right move for Tesla but what if the company had gone in a different direction by turning it into a hatchback or shooting brake? Brazilian rendering artist Kleber Silva, who has designed such gems as the Dodge Magnum Daytona, recently took a stab at visualizing a Tesla Model 3 wagon.

Silva calls his creation the Tesla Model 3 Touring, which is the name used by BMW on its European wagon models. But even though the rendering follows BMW's naming convention, it clearly uses a Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake as a design base. Rather than start off with a photo of a Model 3 and turn it into a wagonk, Silva likely took the easier path by grafting the Tesla's front and rear ends onto the CLA.

The Model 3's front end looks a bit too tall to sit comfortably over the CLA's sleek body, while blending a sedan trunk with a piece of hatchback glass above it doesn't look quite rigjt. That being said, we still love the CLA Shooting Brake's beautiful roofline and in some ways, we think the Model 3 Touring looks prettier than the awkward egg shape of the Model Y.

2020 Tesla Model Y Front View Tesla
2020 Tesla Model Y Side View Tesla
2020 Tesla Model Y Side View Driving Tesla

Aside from the visual differences, the Model 3 Touring would likely offer some advantages in range over a Model Y. Because wagons sit lower to the ground, they are more aerodynamic and will thus go further on a battery charge. The Model Y maxes out with a 316-mile range while the lower, sleeker Model 3 gets up to 322 miles on a charge. This minor range penalty may be worth it to some buyers but we'd happily consider a Model 3 wagon if Tesla offered one.


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2020 Tesla Model Y Front View
2020 Tesla Model Y Side View
2020 Tesla Model Y Side View Driving

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