Here's Why The 2021 Ford Bronco Is Delayed

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One key component is to blame.

Late last week came the news every 2021 Ford Bronco customer feared most: the reborn SUV is being delayed. Instead of this spring, deliveries won't get underway until summertime. Ford blames the problem on the "Covid-related challenges our suppliers are experiencing." Above all, the Blue Oval remains committed "to building Broncos with the quality our customers expect and deserve."

Ford declined to go into detail regarding the supplier problem, but the Detroit Free Press has learned what's going on. The specific delay involves the removable tops, which are manufactured outside of the US. The Bronco's final assembly takes place in Wayne, Michigan.

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The CEO of AutoForecast Solutions, a company that specializes in automotive forecasting databases, offered a more detailed explanation. "What's holding up delivery is the tops. There are multiple facilities globally where they're sourced. So, Ford was playing with the idea of delivering the Bronco without a top to the dealer. From the Ford perspective, the entire Bronco can be built without a top. You don't necessarily have to change the production schedule."

Quality issues that afflicted the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator are not the Bronco's problem, fortunately. The good news is that "if the supplier miraculously finds a way to bring tops up to speed, they don't have to change the production schedule at all," the CEO added. "It's not like missing the steering wheel or the instrument panel, which leaves you sort of screwed."

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A second anonymous source with close ties to Ford also confirmed the tops are the issue. The exact problem might be linked to a supplier in China. The fact that Ford purposely chose not to disclose the precise source of the delay could be interpreted as a possibility the issue could still somehow be resolved in time for spring deliveries.

Even if Ford can't find a solution by spring, the delay isn't long. Bronco enthusiasts have waited nearly 25 years for the SUV to return, so a few additional months isn't a big deal.

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Source Credits: Detroit Free Press

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