Here's Why The 2024 Toyota Tacoma XtraCab Doesn't Have A Back Seat

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It's a rarity that Toyota is offering two cab designs, but the XtraCab's rear space won't have a back seat.

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma is a breath of fresh air. With fresh styling, new engines, and a sophisticated interior, it's a great improvement over the outgoing (but still very popular) model. Interestingly, the latest iteration will do away with a feature offered by the current generation: rear seats in the shorter cab model.

According to Sheldon Brown, Chief Engineer at Toyota Motor North America, a staggering 50% of smaller cab customers specified a rear seat delete on the last Tacoma. Instead of offering buyers what they don't want, the Japanese automaker has redesigned the space for maximum storage. When you look at the statistics, this move starts to make sense.

Only 3% of 2022 Tacoma drivers utilize their rear seats daily. The majority (39%) have people in the back less than once a month, while 30% admitted never using the second row.


This two-door model will continue to be sold as the XtraCab. Toyota says this derivative is all about "maximum utility" which means it's aimed at tradespeople and customers who use their vehicles as workhorses. While there aren't any seats, customers can look forward to lockable, floor-mounted stowage compartments that can accommodate tools and other important equipment.

The practical body style will debut with a lockable storage unit on the back panel. This, says Toyota, should be big enough for items like fishing poles or even shovels. The horizontal positioning of the storage place allows for these larger items to be concealed with ease.

But that's not all. The passenger seat can be folded flat and used as a workstation, which is similar in concept to the Ford F-150's collapsible gear lever.


To gain quick and easy access to the rear quarters of the XtraCab, the driver's seat will feature a long-slide function (with a memory setting) that allows you to grab tools quickly without ruining your driving position. Two bed sizes (five- and six-foot) will be made available, but the XtraCab receives the longer bed as standard.

Unfortunately, the Tacoma XtraCab is only available in three trim grades: SR, SR5, and TRD PreRunner. If you want the desirable Trailhunter derivative, you'll have to upgrade to the four-door Double Cab.

While some buyers may be disappointed by the news, it's great to see Toyota streamlining its options and catering to distinct commercial and private segments. In a workhorse, secure storage space is far more important than jump seats, and we're sure Toyota's target market will appreciate this decision.


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