Here's Why You Should Never Drive A McLaren 600LT Into A Flood

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What were they thinking?

Attempting to drive through a flooded road in an expensive supercar is never a good idea, as the driver of this McLaren 600LT found out the hard way. The McLaren 600LT was built to set blistering lap times on the race track, not wade through deep water.

As reported by WCBD News 2, severe storms caused roads to flood in downtown Charlestown last week, but that didn't stop several unfazed drivers from charging through the water-logged roads. In a video posted by Twitter user, a queue of traffic drives through a flooded intersection.

michaelj / Twitter
michaelj / Twitter

Instead of using common sense, the driver of a McLaren 600LT attempts to follow a pickup truck through the flooded road. With its low ride height, this was never going to go well.

It doesn't take very long before the McLaren 600LT appears to hydroplane, causing it to get submerged in the deeper water before getting stuck on a muddy embankment and leaving the owner stranded. Seriously, what did they think was going to happen? Fortunately, the driver was reportedly fine, but the car "didn't sound good" according to the witness who recorded the embarrassing incident. With water flooding the McLaren 600LT's mid-mounted 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, we wouldn't be surprised if the damage to the 592-hp supercar was terminal, effectively pouring a couple of hundred thousand dollars down the drain.

michaelj / Twitter
michaelj / Twitter

If you find yourself faced with a flooded intersection, do not attempt to drive through it and try to find an alternative route around instead. Clearly, sacrificing a $240,000 supercar to try and save a bit of time isn't worth it, as this driver found out.

If the McLaren 600 LT owner was driving a Tesla Cybertruck instead, the outcome might have been different. Responding to a question about the Cybertruck's wading depth, Elon Musk recently claimed the electric pickup will "will even float for a while" in water without causing damage. Not that we're surprised since the Cybertruck's unusual design is inspired by James Bond's Lotus Esprit submarine.

2019-2020 McLaren 600LT Burnout McLaren
2019-2020 McLaren 600LT Burnout McLaren
2019-2020 McLaren 600LT Side View Driving McLaren
Source Credits: WCBD News 2

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2019-2020 McLaren 600LT Burnout

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