Here's Your First Look At The Lamborghini Huracan JV Stradale

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The Huracan STO is getting a baby brother.

Last month, we got confirmation that Lamborghini is far from done with the aging Huracan supercar and the Urus SUV. These models helped the Italian automaker to achieve a record-setting year of sales in 2021, so it makes sense to get the most out of them before electrification forces a total redesign. Two new Urus and two new Huracan models are on the way, and we just got spy shots of one of these, namely the production version of the off-road biased Huracan Sterrato. It's an exciting reinvention of the mid-engine supercar, but the one we're even more interested in is the one you see here. Rumored to be called the JV Stradale, this is sure to be something special.

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According to the grapevine, the JV Stradale is to be a pared-back, more restrained version of the extreme Huracan STO. Our first spy shots of the new car show that the cofango single-piece clamshell front end of the STO will likely be too much for this subtler version. The wraparound rear wing appears to be an STO-only feature too, with this test mule wearing what looks like the wing from the Huracan Performante. As the below images reveal, the wing isn't carrying over unchanged from that model and has received an additional flap on the trailing edge. Clearly, Lamborghini isn't leaving well enough alone and will be making something truly special here, but it appears that the Performante's diffuser is efficient enough for the new model's requirements.

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Another detail to note is that, while the Performante and STO models both ride on center-lock wheels, this prototype does not. Of course, that may yet change for the production model. We can confirm from these images that carbon-ceramic brakes will be offered and the spectacular 5.2-liter naturally aspirated V10 - one of the world's very last on the market - will once again feature. Sadly, we have no clue as to power ratings or performance claims, but if Sant'Agata is obsessing over the details this much, you can bet that the JV Stradale, if that is indeed its name, will be worth the wait and the inevitably extraordinary price. Get those lucky numbers lined up, burn sage, toss salt - do whatever you can to increase your chances of owning one of the very last naturally aspirated, V10-powered Lambos. They won't be coming around again.

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