Here's Your First Look At The New Honda Civic Hybrid

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The new hatchback looks ready for production.

Over the past week or so, the big talk among Honda fans has been about the recently revealed Civic Si. It's a fantastic little car that enthusiasts will fall in love with once again, and in some ways, it's even better than more so-called premium alternatives like the Volkswagen Jetta GLI. But while everyone has been talking about the Si and thinking about the upcoming Type R version, Honda has been working on yet another variant, namely the Civic Hybrid.

The Civic Si lineup for 2022 looks like it's about to be even more diverse, and thanks to the pictures below we get a little preview of what to expect.

Rain God STI/Twitter
Rain God STI/Twitter

Yes, we're well aware that this looks almost identical to the regular Civic that we've been exposed to for some time, so why is it even wearing any camo? Spotted in Japan, the window surrounds, front bumper, rocker panels, and rear bumper are disguised while the rest of the car looks pretty much the same as what we've already seen. Under the wrap, a squinted look at the front bumper reveals that the same basic shape and accents look like they're being carried over, including the lower fog lights, so what's the point of all this camouflage?

Well, we think that the excessive vinyl is to distract us from where it matters, namely the glasshouse. If Honda continues to style hybrids as usual, then we expect to see the window surrounds uncovered with loads of chrome trim.

Driving Front Angle Honda
Driving Front Angle Honda
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A closer look at the images reveals that the Civic Hybrid was spotted alongside the Honda Insight, which is rumored to be reaching the end of its life. According to speculation, the Insight will be directly replaced by the Civic Hybrid. This makes sense as the Insight hasn't been a particularly popular model while the Civic has never been disliked. Honda has been very quiet on the subject though, so we'll have to wait a while yet before we can confirm any of this. If the Insight's hybrid drivetrain is carried over, the Civic Hybrid will only produce 151.5 horsepower, so here's hoping that we get the CRV Hybrid's powertrain instead, with 212 horses. Expect a full reveal by the end of the year.

Front View Driving Honda
Rear Perspective Driving Honda
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