Hero Cop Risked Death To Save 300 Children From Massive Crash

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Completely selfless and a true hero.

A Russian police officer from the Khakassia in southern Sibera is being hailed as a true hero after committing a selfless act of bravery that nearly cost him his life. Officer Aleksandr Kosolapov was escorting a convoy of approximately 300 children in 9 buses on their way back from a summer camp when disaster struck. A reckless driver on the opposite side of the highway veered his Toyota Caldina onto the wrong side of the road and came barreling directly towards the buses at a dangerously high speed.

Thinking fast and without hesitating, Officer Kosolapov swerved his Ford Focus patrol car straight into the path of the reckless driver. The high speed crash between the two vehicles was an absolutely devastating collision and both drivers incurred severe injuries. In fact, it has been called a miracle that Kosolapov even survived. Thankfully, his act of bravery was not in vain. All 300 children on the buses survived the wreck, with only 5 children sustaining minor injuries. The courageous officer is rightfully being proclaimed as a hero and is still recovering from serious injuries in the hospital. We wish him a speedy recovery back to perfect health and that he'll return to his duties soon.

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Source Credits: siberiantimes.com www.rt.com

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