Heroic Fools Destroy Ferrari F12 And Other Supercars On China's Most Treacherous Highway


Some of these cars barely come out alive, others don't come out at all!

This may be one of the most ludicrous stories we have ever seen. It's tons of fun to take a Ferrari F12 offroading in a video game, we've all done it. But surely no-one would be crazy enough to do it in real life, right? Well, it seems like wealthy Chinese businessman Ni Haishan did just that. He took an F12 with a convoy of Ghiblis on the Sichuan-Tibet Highway and put them through the most intense beating we have ever seen.

Haishan was behind the wheel of the red Ferrari while the 10 Ghiblis were gifts to his employees. On their route, this convoy crossed over rocky terrain and forded streams. All while driving Italian exotics! Only five of the 11 cars actually managed to reach the end with calamities occurring to the wheels, tires, and other important components.

At one point, the Ferrari's tire simply falls off in the middle of the road. Many people are outraged that someone would purposefully set out to destroy these cars. Haishan, who inherited his parent's company that makes Chinese medicinal plasters, made the trip simply to flaunt his wealth. His idea was that showing off the destruction of these cars would demonstrate to his clients just how well his business was doing. We think that it may send a message that he doesn't make the best financial decisions, but we will let you be the judge.

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