Hertz and Penske Create New Rental Mustang


For their third special Mustang rental program, Hertz has teamed up with Penske instead of Shelby.

Even for those who know the history, the relationship which Hertz has to the Ford Mustang seems a bit odd. When most people think of rental Mustangs, they tend of think of a V6 convertible. Hertz has, at times, not only offered some genuinely quick cars, but even gone so far as to create Hertz-specific special editions of the Mustang. This dates back to the 1966 Shelby GT 350-H, an 800-unit run built by Shelby specifically for the rental car company.

A sort of 40th anniversary car was also made in 2006 (and 2007), the Shelby GT-H. But unlike the original cars, these could be either rented or purchased by the general public, albeit in very limited numbers. Now Hertz has announced a new version, this time built in a partnership with Penske, whose NASCAR team is sponsored by Hertz. The special edition is called the Hertz Penske GT, and it sports a slight variation of the classic Hertz Mustang black and gold paint scheme. Performance upgrades include a new intake and exhaust, as well as bigger brakes and an engine retuning, all from the Boss 302 parts bin. It is offered only as a rental.

Source Credits: usatoday.com

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