Hey Europe: No SRT Viper for You

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Whatever the business reason may be, Chrysler will not be sending its V10-powered SRT Viper overseas.

Despite Chevrolet making clear it intends to launch its all-new C7 Corvette Stingray in Europe sometime in 2014, Chrysler has just announced that it has no intention of bringing its SRT Viper overseas anytime soon. Instead, Chrysler wants to focus its efforts on the North American market. No further explanation was given as to why the new 8.4-liter V10-powered Viper won't be exported, but we're guessing the reasoning is that there simply won't be enough interest in the $97,000 (base price) car.

Yes, there are plenty of wealthy Europeans more than capable of paying that sum of money (which will be more in Euros) but the Viper was designed for American driving purists first and foremost. Chrysler figures European tastes are too refined for the US-built supercar. Another factor may be that the Viper's large size may not suite Europe's narrow streets. But still, we're somewhat surprised to learn of this because the Viper's performance is on par with that of Ferraris and other supercars but comes with a cheaper price tag. For now then it seems the SRT Viper will remain a North American commodity.

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