Hey McFly! BMW 633 CSI Cabriolet from Back To The Future 2 Restored

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Hey, hey, I just finished putting on the second coat on last week. The BMW 633 CSI Cabrio from 2015 has finally been given a proper restoration...with no help from gramps.

"Hey Gramps! I asked for two coats of wax on my car not just one!" Ok, so even though Griff Tannen had a few short circuits in his bionic implants, he was at least a BMW guy (and a complete lunatic). And while in reality his hover converted BMW 633 CSI Cabrio couldn't fly, it looked pretty good doing so in everybody's favorite time travel film saga, Back To The Future. And now, a guy named Jeff Chabotte has restored the original 1976 model used in the 1989 film.

Back in 2004, Mr. Chabotte had the opportunity to buy the film car that Griff Tannen and his gang drove/flew around in as they caused havoc in Hill Valley, 2015. Unfortunately, the car wasn't exactly in the best shape at the time of purchase, so Jeff had to begin a complete restoration. The reason for its sad state was because it sat on the studio lot for some time and was pretty much forgotten about. Fortunately, Jeff didn't mind and fully took on the project and was committed to restoring the car to its original onscreen condition. Parts were obviously hard to come by (not to mention the required materials for the hover conversion), so he had to reproduce many from scratch.

The restoration is now finished and the car is roadworthy four years ahead of the fictional 2015 from the film. The only question we have is whether Griff's pit bull hoverboard is still in the trunk.

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