Spy Shots

Hi-Performance Toyota GT86 in the Works?

Mysterious prototype gets tongues wagging at the Nurburgring.

A carbon-clad Toyota GT86 has been spied at the Nurburgring, leaving those on the ground scratching their heads at what the hell this prototype is. The red license plates are consistent with Toyota prototypes at the Ring, while clues as to the car’s identity include bucket seats and harnesses but no rollcage indicating this is a road car not a race car. The hood, roof and trunk are all made of carbon fiber, while the brakes appear to be heavily upgraded units.

No turbocharger or supercharger sounds were heard, but a race-car exhaust note and high rpm could mean we’re looking at a 250-hp limited edition. So is this a high-performance, lightweight limited-run special in the works or something that Gazoo Racing is working on for the Japanese market? Comments and best guesses are welcome as always.

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