Hidden JDM Car Collection In Hawaii Is Full Of Legends

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Not large by any means, but all of these cars are bangers.

For many, the first thing that comes to mind when hearing about Hawaii isn't cars. Well, except those used in the filming of Jurassic Park. However, renowned car photographer, Larry Chen, has discovered a private car collection that might change that.

During a trip to the Aloha State's Big Island, he was invited to the home of a car enthusiast Ryan Christopher, who also goes by his Instagram handle "Stukinthe90s." In a second house on his property are several cars that you will love, especially if you like the rides shown off at the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon.

In total, the guy owns five JDM legends. Four of these are internal combustion rides, while one that's currently being assembled is an electric-powered beast in the making. Granted, it's not as large as the greatest JDM car collection in America, but all four are certified gems.

Larry Chen/YouTube Larry Chen/YouTube Larry Chen/YouTube

The first one Chen noticed was a green Toyota MKIV Supra that's equipped with a massive HKS turbo. According to Ryan, this car at one point made 888 horsepower on high boost settings making it capable of 10-second quarter-mile passes.

Mirroring the turbo Supra is another MkIV unit in the same color which should be the craziest one out of all four because it will be receiving a twin-motor setup from a Tesla S P90. In talking about this electric swap, he intends for it to become an all-wheel-drive drag monster with one motor for each axle. Sacrilege? That depends.

Next up in his collection is a Mazda RX-7 FD with an LS3 engine swap. It is currently in its stock tune of 495 hp, and he admits that these kinds of swaps for Mazda's iconic model might have run their due course in terms of popularity. The sad thing is, Ryan says the car's original 13B rotary engines are hard to come by nowadays.

Larry Chen/YouTube Larry Chen/YouTube Larry Chen/YouTube

The video then details a Nissan R34 GTT sitting on a parking lift on top of the RX-7. This one is currently under repair, but the car collector says it made 720 hp before busting one of its valves. Note that this car isn't an all-wheel-drive GT-R and instead is a rear-wheel-drive GTT model.

Last but not least is Ryan's favorite - a Honda NSX fitted with twin turbos. Ryan says that this mid-engined Honda was made by a tuning company by the name of Umbrella Auto Design. It sports a macho-looking widebody kit, and its current tune can churn out 630 hp.

So to sum it up, the man has a Nissan R34 GTT, an RX-7, an NSX, and two Toyota Supras. Plus, he got that Tesla Model S Plaid for a daily driver. It's a small collection, but one that's dripping in charisma.

Larry Chen/YouTube Larry Chen/YouTube Larry Chen/YouTube

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