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High School Golfer Wins A Cadillac ATS-V Worth $50,000


Not bad for someone who recently learned how to drive.

Meet Jack Kyger, a high school senior from Battle Creek, Michigan. He’s now facing a huge dilemma: a brand-new, though now discontinued Cadillac ATS-V or $50,000 cash. Life’s tough, you know. USA Today reports that Kyger sunk a hole-in-one during a recent golf charity tournament, the Gene Lewis Hughes, Sr. Memorial Golf Outing held at Battle Creek Country Club. Kyger was at the ‘Win a Cadillac’ hole and, amazingly, hit the bullseye.

"There was a sign saying you can win a car, and I didn’t even think about it, it was just another hole,” Kyger said. "Then they said, closest to the pin wins a TV, so I was just trying to leave a good putt for a birdie. I threw it past the hole and it spun back and it went in and they told me I won $50,000 or a car and we were all freaking out.”

Local dealership Superior Buick Cadillac sponsored and displayed the 464 hp and 445 lb-ft of torque ATS-V for everyone to gaze at, but it was Kyger who unexpectedly took home the prize, and the dealer is thrilled. "I think it was crazy, it’s amazing,” said Traci Bohannon, the dealer’s manager. "Some people think we don’t want anyone to get a hole-in-one and win the car. But that’s not true. We aren’t scared to have someone win, we want it to happen.” With plans to go to college, Kyger must now decide what to do: take the cash or car.

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"I have to decide in the next couple of weeks and then we’ll have the big check and have some photos taken with the car,” he said. "I haven’t made up my mind. But the way I think about it, no 17-year-old needs a brand new Cadillac to drive around in. I have a truck that gets me places.”

Hitting a hole-in-one is something many golfers, even the pros, have always dreamed of achieving, but it rarely ever happens. The average odds of making a hole-in-one are approximately 12,500 to 1 for a non-pro, like Kyger. For a tour professional, the approximation is 2,500 to 1.