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High School Seniors Fooled Police With This Epic Car Crash Prank

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It's amazing what can be done with duct tape and half a car.

Graduation season is upon us. A time when high schools seniors not only journey out into the world, but also attempt one last, and hopefully epic, prank. We think the graduating seniors from Cumberland High School in Cumberland, Wisconsin, have pulled this off brilliantly. According to CNN and the school district's Facebook page, seniors successfully fooled police and school officials with what turned out to be nothing more than an optical illusion.

What looked like a crashed car sticking out of the school, scattered bricks and all, was really just the rear half of a junked Pontiac Grand Am, built before these kids were even born. With the sliced-off rear end of the Gran Am in place, students simply used a black tarp held up by black duct tape.

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Along with those loose bricks scattered around the 'crash site,' the illusion was complete. The school's principle said it took the students only eight minutes to set up the prank. Local police admitted it was "one of the best senior pranks that Cumberland High School has seen." But the best part about the prank is the specific section of the building chosen – the principal's office. Principal Ritchie Narges was very impressed and was thrilled "the prank included absolutely no damage at all to school property."