High Speed Spike Strip Testing Is As Awesome As It Sounds

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Talk about oddly satisfying.

Youtube is one of the many online outlets ripe with opportunity to do everything from learning how to cook a steak the right way to changing your car's oil. With over 300 hours of video uploaded to the site every minute and five billion videos watched per day, the amount of information that passes from its servers to screens around the world is mind-boggling. So what does our species do with all that potential? We watch things like cars being destroyed on simulators using Bean NG Drive.

If you aren't familiar with Beam NG Drive, then let us introduce you to an addicting way to spend an afternoon. Or ten that is, because as trivial as it might seem to watch virtual cars get destroyed in spectacular and overly thought-out fashions, there's something that's oddly satisfying about it.

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Using one of the most sophisticated virtual physics modeling systems on sale, Beam NG Drive can be used to create realistic crashes, so close to the carnage that the laws of physics would spit out given the same parameters that even Hollywood stunt directors use them to predict to how a car will react in a staged crash. Luckily, more tech savvy users will be happy to learn that the program is available for download. Using a number of cars modeled to look like real life vehicles, a player can drive a car into spike strips, launch them off freakishly high ramps, and conduct high speed police chases all for research purposes.

What we love most about it is that the utterly ridiculous is almost encouraged. Take this video for example, which features cars driving at top speed into a field of 100+ speed bumps to satisfy morbid curiosity.

Or this one, which shows this curious player crash testing cars in ways that only a troubled mind can think up.

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