High Tides Turn Uber Ride Into Horrifying Swim

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Surge in tide sabotages this Uber driver's surge priced ride.

Take a moment to thank the drones for the footage we're about to see because the last time we saw a buoyant car fording high waters, we had to resort to a dash cam fighting to save itself from drowning. At least now we know that Teslas and Volkswagens can double as flotation devices in case of emergency. In this case, we see a very unlucky but determined Uber driver attempting to cross a bridge in the UK's Holy Island when suddenly the roads were inundated by a surge in the tide.

Panicked or not, it appears that this driver at least managed to get his passengers, which included a woman and a Buddhist monk, to safety.

It was a high point on the bridge that saved the trio because there's little doubt that the high waters would have claimed the white Volkswagen. According to The Mirror, the footage was captured by 41-year-old Mark Bradshaw on his drone, who reported that he had never seen anything like this even when considering his 24 year long service in the military. Given the variety of passengers, we wonder if this was a ride from the Uber Pool service (pun intended). Still, the mixed reactions are priceless. The Buddhist monk stays in a zone of Zen and happily waves at the camera while the woman walks off looking less than pleased.

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