Hiker Stumbles upon Porsche Dumped in a Lagoon

Apparently an innocent crash resulted in one Porsche owner fleeing the scene without consideration for his beloved ride.

Hiking around the Agua Hediona lagoon in Carlsbad California you would expect to come across a few water-born beasts, but a Porsche Cayman S is something a bit out-of-the-ordinary even for a seasoned hiker. Yet having found car tracks leading down to the water, an abandoned blue Cayman S submerged in the reedy murk was discovered by one unsuspecting trekker, who was quick to contact the local authorities.

Once the police were involved it wasn't long before the owner was found, who claimed he'd crashed the previous night and fled the scene to seek medical attention. The incident was apparently not alcohol-related and the Cayman is believed to have now been towed to safety.

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