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Hillary Clinton Ticketed at Event Honoring Her

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It only cost the traffic warden 45 minutes of interrogation from Clinton's arrogant Secret Service Agents.

Traffic wardens in London dish out some heavy fines for illegal parking and for failing to pay London's Congestion Charge for entering the city. But it seems that some feel that not everyone should pay. In fact, to date, diplomats and foreign governments owe a whopping 100 million pounds in unpaid fines. Hillary Clinton is the latest to ignore the capital's parking laws, illegally parking her Merc at a charity event. An 80 pound penalty note was duly placed on the car causing her secret service team to lose their cool.

Photographer Greg Brennan pictures the agents harassing the warden for 45 minutes, collectively trying to persuade him, and at one point pathetically trying to take a photo of the street cop in an obvious attempt to scare him. A rep for Westminster City Council said "I'm sure she (Mrs. Clinton) will understand that we have to be fair to everyone, regardless of their status on the world stage. Mrs. Clinton can now download a parking app for her iPhone which will tell her in real time where a parking space is in the City of Westminster." Kudos for the warden for doing his job. On the other hand, if you're going to host an event honoring a person for charity, you might want to get them a place to park.

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