Hillary Clinton Won't Be Needing Her '86 Olds Once She's Back In The White House

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That's why it's for sale.

On March 20, 1986, Hillary Clinton took delivery of an Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera in Little Rock, Arkansas. Today, the car only has 30,000 miles and is for sale, but Clinton isn't the seller (she'll probably have a brand new ride very soon). That would be the former White House gardener, Mike Lawn, who's claiming this is the last car Clinton drove. However, it was supposedly used by daughter Chelsea while she was a student driver. The Oldsmobile will be up for sale on eBay with no reserve very shortly.

Hagerty Insurance claims it has a value of around $8,700, taking into account its overall good condition. Its famous former owner's name will surely add even more value. Now, we'd love to see if Donald Trump is planning to sell any of his old cars. Chances are they'd be way better than a Cutlass Ciera.

Clare Becker
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