Hillbilly Pride Goes Great With a Camaro


Welcome to a weekend of mudslinging and pickup trucks - also known as West Virginia.

Before anybody says anything, a little thing about Hillbillies: They love themselves some Camaros, monster trucks, pickup trucks and hunting. Boy do they love hunting. And Camaros and monster trucks. And pickups. So it makes complete sense to combine some of these cultural favorites into one: Low and behold this mid-Eighties Camaro outfitted with some massive wheels for the specific purpose of driving through a thick mud-caked straight line course.

The Hillbilly mud fest action (courtesy of the Hillbilly Proud channel) took place last month in Georgetown, West Virginia. The event itself was called Havoc in the Hills Mud Bog. Along with the Camaro, there are plenty of pickup trucks and mudslinging going on. And the crowd loves it. Just loves it.

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