Hispano Suiza Designers To Teach Young Car Enthusiasts How To Design Cars

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The marque's Francesc Arenas will guide aspiring car designers in a free online course from the Petersen Automotive Museum and Yellowbrick.

Earlier this month, the Petersen Automotive Museum announced a new partnership with Yellowbrick to launch a free automotive education course for hopeful car designers.

Among the visionaries that will nurture students is Francesc Arenas, design director at Hispano Suiza. Once a maker of exquisite luxury cars, the brand was revived recently and introduced the Carmen (pictured below), a high-end electric supercar with 1,000 horsepower and bizarre styling.

"It's an honor and a real pleasure to be included amongst the designers of the future. I like to think of designers as guardians: every time we start a project, we are working to shape a vision of something that can become a reality over the coming years, at least as far as mobility is concerned," said Arenas.

Hispano Suiza Hispano Suiza

He added, "This requires the ability to transfer a vision that comes from our minds, into something tangible."

As a reminder, Auto Design & Sketching is split into three modules comprised of short and easily digestible chapters. Learners will embark on a journey into the principles of design and examine real case studies; design icons such as the original Lamborghini Gallardo, Tesla Model S, 2005 Ford Shelby Mustang, and the DeLorean DMC-12 will all be picked apart and studied.

The final module is, perhaps, the most exciting and forces students to put pencil to paper. This practical module teaches you how to draw like a car designer, from basic lines to penning beautiful concepts.

Hispano Suiza

Other design legends that form part of the online course include the award-winning Ralph Gilles, Tesla's Franz von Holzhausen, and Nio's Colin Phipps.

It's an incredible opportunity for those who want to pursue a career in design, but aren't sure where to start. That's the reason behind establishing the online course, explains Yellowbrick's Justin Wolske. "High-level training in this field is not always easily accessible to everyone. We wanted to remove some barriers and offer a free training program involving leading figures in the industry."

As Wolske alludes to, the course is free, and all you need for registration is an email address. Sadly, for younger individuals, the course is only available to those aged 13 or older.

Hispano Suiza

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