Hispano Suiza Reinvented As Electric Hypercar Company For People Who Dare To Be Different

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With daring hypercars and a new corporate image, we hope this interesting company thrives.

Spanish automaker Hispano Suiza underwent a relaunch in 2019, and now it has revealed a brand-new corporate image, a new website, and a new video starring the dramatic Carmen electric hypercar.

Last year, the company's first hypercar was delivered in America; this was the even rarer Carmen Boulogne, and we found its brash styling and insane purple paintwork to be an acquired taste, to say the very least. Then again, that car's appearance was only possible because of the company's willingness to build anything clients request, and there are some examples of the Carmen that look much better.

For its updated logo, Hispano Suiza chose to adopt a more monochrome, digital look than before. However, it has kept the shield and emblem of a stork so as not to completely move away from its heritage. This stork once served as a hood ornament on classic models and will live on within the new brand identity of Hispano Suiza.

Hispano Suiza

Visible in the new brand identity is the fiery shade of Electric Red, chosen because it is the only color that the Spanish and Swiss flags share. Hispano Suiza translates to 'Spanish-Swiss' in Spanish, and one of the company's founders was a Swiss engineer named Marc Birkigt.

The manufacturer also coined the term hyperlux, a blend of hypercar and luxury, to help define its brand direction. The new ethos, 'the pleasure of belonging to something unique,' definitely describes the outrageous Carmen and Carmen Boulogne. It also describes some of the illustrious clients that once owned a Hispano Suiza, including the likes of Albert Einstein, Coco Chanel, and Pablo Picasso.

Hispano Suiza
Hispano Suiza
Hispano Suiza

This is a company making cars that seek to make a statement first and foremost, rather than to be classically beautiful. The Boulogne's butterfly doors and slanted rear end have created one of the most unique shapes on the roads, that's for sure.

Regardless of whether the brand recognition is there or not, or how it looks, Hispano Suiza's hypercars are very quick indeed. The Carmen Boulogne produces 1,100 horsepower and 848 lb-ft of torque, and has a claimed 0-62 mph time of under 2.6 seconds. The claimed range is 248 miles, but that doesn't seem like a problem for a car that will probably spend more of its time on display than being driven.

Hispano Suiza
Hispano Suiza

Like Koenigsegg with limited models like the 50-unit CC850, it seems that Hispano Suiza will continue to remain a low-volume, highly exclusive automaker. Only 24 examples of the Carmen are set to be manufactured, but that's the level of exclusivity its clients likely demand.

"We are pleased to present the image of the new Hispano Suiza, more contemporary, yet purely Hispano Suiza, recognizable at first glance," said CEO Sergio Martinez Campos. "We are delighted to enter this new era, one that will be filled with news and excitement!"


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