Historic Beauty - 140 Ferraris Gather in a Garage in Rome

The Mille Miglia race is always an incredible sight to behold.

140 Ferraris participated in the Mille Miglia race this year and, at the same time, all were parked in the same garage for one of the most impressive sights we have ever seen. You can go ahead and add the 1K mile race to our bucket lists.

Claudio Scalise and Daniel Claramount of Argentina took out the top spots during this year's running of the race. Giovane1991 shot this clip and mentioned that there were 11 Ferrari 599 GTOs, 3 SA Apertas, an Enzo, F40, F50, a few Ferrari 458 Italias and more. Shot in Rome, Dariudrarta says there was also a Daytona, 430 and a 430 spider in the lot.

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