'Hit and Run' Looks to be this Summer’s Wild Ride Movie

This could be one of the best movies this summer. Certainly beats 'Sex and the City'.

Every summer there are the typical big action blockbuster movies with budgets in the tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars. While those rely heavily on special effects, there's nothing quite like a good car chase movie (minus that CGI crap). Set to arrive in theatres on August 24th, 'Hit and Run' stars Dax Shepard, who also wrote and directed it, as a former bank-robbing getaway driver. Bradley Cooper, Tom Arnold, and Kristen Bell also star.

Although Shepard's character started a fresh life with a new special lady friend, his past comes back to haunt him via Bradley Cooper with dreadlocks. The rest of the movie seems to be all about the car chases which feature a classic Lincoln Continental, a Corvette, and even a Cadillac SUV. It looks like our type of movie.

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