Hitting Four Cars And Then Flipping Is The Worst Way To End A Test Drive

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And it all happened on the dealer lot. Incredible.

Normally dealership test drives are mundane affairs. You pick a car, get your ear talked off by the sales person and then go huddle up in a corner with whoever you brought along to discuss the pros and cons of the car. Occasionally things get a bit nutty, though. ARLnow (an Arlington, Virginia, news site) has the story of a Mercedes GLE test drive that ended with the car on its side in the dealer lot. It's a tale as old as time, really. The woman behind the wheel mistook the gas pedal for the brake.

Before the vehicle ended up on its side it smashed into four cars. Keep in mind that this all happened on the dealer lot, which is usually a decently crowded space. Four people were inside during the test drive and all escaped without the need of first responders, although one dealership employee was checked on for a possible back injury. Although mistaking the gas pedal for the brake is perfectly reasonable we still don't know how the hell the driver managed to flip this Mercedes. The lot itself doesn't look very big, so there must have been just an extreme failure of intelligence at a key moment. Anyone care to guess whether or not this dealership will soon be offering five certified pre-owned models?

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