Hofele-Design Boxster

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In typical Porsche fashion, the Boxster has had very few styling changes since it was first released. That said, the first generation Boxster is still looking a bit dated, and Hofele-Design thinks they can help with that. They're offering what they call the "Speed GT" body kit, and it is subtle but noticeable improvement. One of the most noticeable areas of improvement is the front bumper, which never looked good on the 986.

The Speed GT bumper has larger 911-style air intakes, and there are several other styling changes that take their cues from the 911. Also included are side graphics, alloy wheels, LED tail lamps and a small rear spoiler. There are also LED daytime running lights, and frankly, we aren't totally sold on those. They are an option though, so if you feel the same way we do about them then you can have them left off.

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