Hold Back Your Tears: Toyota Matrix Axed for 2014

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Attention all Toyota Matrix fans (if there are any): your car will be discontinued next year.

The car that was once also known as the Pontiac Vibe will also soon be gone forever beginning next year. We're talking about the Toyota Matrix, that five-door hatchback based on the outgoing generation Corolla. Try not to cry too much. Toyota made the official announcement in a very short and simple press release, which reads as follows: "What's New For 2014 Toyota? Toyota Matrix – Discontinued." Point made right there. In all honesty though, the Matrix has always been a pretty good car.

Having been on the market for 10 years, the Matrix managed to sell pretty well, but as hatchbacks in general became more popular, such as the Ford Focus and Mazda3 five-doors, the Matrix began to lose its freshness. When the Vibe was dropped along with Pontiac in general back in 2010, Toyota was forced to decide whether the Matrix was still worth building. Obviously the decision was made to press on, but Toyota never said a word whether or not the Matrix would live for a third generation. Well, we now have our answer. Tissue anyone?

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