Hold On To Your Keys, These Are The Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles

Any guesses before we show you the list?

Car thefts are unfortunate events that happen way to often. Asenthusiasts, we spend our hard earned money on vehicles that we can enjoydriving and constantly worry about the tinniest of scratches. Not to mention thegreatest fear of walking back to your vehicle and it not be there. The NationalInsurance Crime Bureau (NICB) has just released its list of the 10 most stolenvehicles in the US and the list is really surprising. If you have one of these vehicles, we think you should consider getting a better security system.

The top 10 most stolen vehicles in the U.S in 2014 (in orderfrom most thefts to least thefts) are: Honda Accord (51,290 thefts), HondaCivic (43,936 ), Ford full-size pickup trucks (28,680), Chevrolet full-size pickuptrucks (23,196), Toyota Camry (14,605), Dodge full-size pickup trucks (11,075), Dodge Caravan(10,483), Nissan Altima (9,109), Acura Integra (6,902) and Nissan Maxima (6,586). The list was derived from police reports, so while there may be some unreportedthefts, it’s clear to see that drivers with Accords and Civics need to upgradetheir vehicles' security system.

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