Hold Your Breath As $50,000,000 Of Rare Classics Almost Wipe Out

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That's an insane amount of money that was almost trashed, and there were only two cars involved!

That's a rough estimate of the total value of the two cars that came mighty close to crashing combined, but you get the idea. We do know that the classic Ferrari 250 GTO homologation icon is definitely worth a shade under $40,000,000 but for the E-Type racer the value could be anywhere between $100,000 and $10,000,000 depending on the version and age. Even the new one from Jaguar's Special Vehicle Operations costs around $1,400,000. All that we do know for certain is that many hearts skipped a beat that day!

We're not sure what's more impressive though, the fact that things were so close or that these guys are at full tilt on the track in such expensive cars.

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Besides almost taking out the Ferrari, there was almost more carnage from the following car too, so more than one close call here. Even if they did tangle, that's racing and things like this are part of the deal, although that would have one very, very upset ex-Ferrari owner missing out out on the rest of the Goodwood Revival weekend.

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