Hold Your Horses, The M3 And M4 Aren't Getting All That Much Faster


Try not to get too disappointed about the specs for BMW's M upgrade.

Surely on the lips of every new BMW M3 or M4 owner was the question of "why can't there be more?" and the statement of "this car is not good enough." Yes indeed this may be exaggerating. However you may remember something last month talking about this imminent release BMW has been planning. Well whingers can now shut the hell up as BMW has heard their cries to be helped out of their pit of despair and is making available, starting in the spring, a competition package for both vehicles.


Complete with slight bodywork variations, a minuscule horsepower increase, a transmission with lots of gears, a handling package and gargantuan tires, this competition package has not yet been priced. Knowing BMW though, that extra 0.1-second increase in the car's 0-60 mph test won't cost just a smile and charm, but most likely an arm and a leg. More specifically, with this competition package the M3 and M4 engines will receive a 19 horsepower increase, bringing the total to a round and nice sounding 450. In addition, a 7-speed double clutch transmission will help out that 0-60 mph time. It's laughable that BMW tries to use an upgrade that makes a car go 0.1-seconds faster for (presumably) mass sums of money as a selling point.


Alas speed is not everything, and this package is not all for naught as it does come with some interesting features. The seats are lighter, the exhaust tips are black chrome, and the rear tire size of 285 makes them stretch from coast to coast for what is probably outstanding grip. Couple that with the package's improved handling, and lap times could look damn impressive. This package may even beat the M4 GTS' Nurburging lap time. Well, no it won't but hang in there, this package isn't completely worthless. It also boasts 34 mpg, which if you're that responsible with your M4 it deserves to be in the hands of someone who gets closer to 19. The absence of a cost makes the package all the more mysterious though. The question now is, "is it worth it?"

Source Credits: m-power.com

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