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Holden Could Be Working On The Australian Equivalent Of The Hellcat

And it'll have a Corvette engine.

Australia and America are obviously two very different countries, but when it comes to cars the two are strikingly similar. Citizens of both countries are fans of big power from big engines. Case in point: Holden is said to be working on a Corvette-powered Commodore. The engine in said sedan would be the discontinued LS9 V8 found in the Corvette ZR1. Just to refresh your memory, the engine is good for 638 horsepower. That’s approaching Hellcat territory. So why is Holden shoving a massive. discontinued engine into the Commodore?

Well, it’s actually kind of a sad story. The Commodore is being discontinued and Holden’s tuning arm, HSV, apparently wants to send it out with a bang. Said bang won’t be very loud as there aren’t many LS9 engines around, so production will be limited.

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