Holden Is Bringing Out 24 New Models By 2020, Including A "True Sports Car"

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Let the rebadging begin!

It probably sounds a bit weird, to those who have been paying attention, to hear that Holden is bringing out 24 new models over the next five years, given that we just heard about a month ago that the company was shutting down production. But the reason for this is unfortunately pretty simple, all of them will be rebadged cars from other markets, with about a third coming from Europe. Although GM has promised that the cars will still be tweaked for the Australian market.

It was announced that the Commodore nameplate will live on, although it wasn't revealed to which rebadged car it would be affixed. But there is a bit of good news. GM announced there was a "true sports car" coming in what was termed a "new model onslaught." Chances are therefore pretty good that GM intends to make good on its promise to bring the Corvette down under, a promise first made when the C7 was originally unveiled. That could mean a Holden-badged Corvette by as early as next year, and possibly one with a few tweaks for the new market. We admit that we're very curious what that will look like.

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