Holden's F' You to GM: A New Monaro Coupe


How awesome would it be if Holden launched this as a last act of V8 greatness.

We've all heard by now that sad news that GM's Australian division Holden will cease manufacturing in 2017. The brand itself will continue on, but its lineup will consist of imports from the US and even China. A Chinese-built next-gen front-wheel-drive, V8-less Commodore? It's entirely possible and looking likely. For Holden fans, this news is about as bad as it can get. So before Holden as we know it sails off into the sunset, wouldn't it be nice to see one last hurrah?

Something that wouldn't make a whole lot of financial sense, but a car built simply to please Holden's many longtime enthusiasts? Automotive rendering artist Theophilus Chin has just cooked up this image of what a revived Holden Monaro coupe could look like if given the production green light. And you guessed it: it's simply a Commodore coupe, and we love it. This is how the hardworking folks at Holden get their revenge against the big shots at GM HQ. Build an enthusiasts car as a celebration of everything Holden: V8 and rear-wheel-drive. Pure awesome, pure fantasy.

Source Credits: theophiluschin.com

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