Holden to End Australian Manufacturing in 2017

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What we've been expecting has sadly finally happened.

While the news may be good for General Motors in the US now that it's no longer "Government Motors," things aren't so good for Holden in Australia. Only a few days ago word came that negotiations between GM and the Australian government weren't going well and that Holden as we know it was doomed. Turns out that's sadly true (mostly). GM has just announced that it will be shutting down its entire Australian manufacturing and significantly reduce its engineering operations by the end of 2017.

As a direct result, some 2,900 positions will be impacted over the next four years. Holden's global design studio will be left untouched as well its national parts distribution center and sales network. The decision to end manufacturing in Australia reflects the perfect storm of negative influences the automotive industry faces in the country, including the sustained strength of the Australian dollar, high cost of production, small domestic market and arguably the most competitive and fragmented auto market in the world." So what's going to happen to the Commodore (aka the Chevy SS) in just a few years? That still remains a mystery.

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