Holden Tuner HSV May Turn Its Sights To...Buicks?!

HSV needs to tune FWD cars or risk dying off.

HSV is Holden's semi-official tuning company. If you live in the US, and don't know about Holden, GM's Australian division is famous for making the full-size Commodore which we know as the current Chevy SS and old Pontiac G8. HSV takes the Commodore and adds a 6.2-liter supercharged engine from the previous generation Camaro ZL1. However, the current Commodore, which rides on the Zeta platform, will soon be discontinued. HSV is confident it can continue its business on the next-gen Commodore that's due in 2018.

HSV executive Damon Paull says that "We will certainly be looking to offer a Commodore-based product, and work closely with [Holden] to see if we can build a business case, which we are 100 percent confident we can, that fits performance, design and innovation and fulfills customer expectation.” The Commodore's replacement will probably be built on the same specifications as the Insignia OPC, which is badged as the Buick Regal in the US. The car will be based on a FWD platform with optional AWD on performance versions. HSV would likely use a twin turbocharged V6 setup. Unfortunately, we will be losing a RWD V8 icon, but we could get a pretty awesome Regal GS out of it.

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