This Mazda MX-5 is Totally Pointless But We Still Want to Take it Off-Roading

Because a jacked-up MX-5 would be stupid fun.

There is absolutely no reason for a car like this to exist, on a mass production scale at least. Nor does it serve any mainstream purpose. It’d exist solely to satisfy those who’d appreciate it for what it is. Yes, this is a jacked-up 2016 Mazda MX-5 roadster. It even has plastic body side cladding, and it’s also easy to turn RWD in 4WD. But Mazda will never, ever build this. It’s only an idea coming from rendering artist Theophilus Chin. The guy is a damn genius.

Imagine throwing this thing around on some sand dunes just because you can. Well, you may want to put the top up to avoid eating sand for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Aside from that one inconvenience, we can’t see a thing wrong with this awesome yet utterly pointless MX-5. It would be nothing but stupid fun taking possibly the best-handling affordable sports car, with a few alterations, off-road.

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