Did Subaru Just Confirm A BRZ STI Is Coming To The US?

Or is this yet another rumor?

Despite the rumors over the years, Subaru finally appears to be building the US-bound BRZ we’ve been wanting from the get-go: the BRZ STI. Or is it? Speaking with Automotive News, Subaru STI President Yoshio Hirakawa flat-out admitted that "The United States is the highest priority for STI. We’d like to create a car that drivers can control like their own legs so they can push the car to the limit." As a part of that focus, the BRZ STI is on its way in “a couple of years.” However, Subaru still hasn’t decided on the exact branding and specs.

Point being, it could be dubbed as BRZ "tuned by STI." That’s already been done before in Japan, with STI focusing only on handling and suspension improvements, but nothing with the engine. Translation: no turbocharging. Subaru also confirmed that the recently revealed STI Performance Concept’s turbocharged 2.0-liter boxer four with 345 hp won’t make production; it’ll remain solely for Japan’s Super GT racing circuit. So what do we take from all of this? More than likely, America will receive an enhanced BRZ with an STI-tuned chassis, body, and exhaust system. Weight could be further shaved with more carbon fiber components. But the chances of 200 hp+ don’t look so good. Oh Subaru, why must you torture us so?

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