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Even Cosmetically Damaged Ferrari Doors Cost A Crap Ton To Fix

And the repairs take months, not weeks.

Last time we saw YouTuber Leviathan he was asking Ford if he could buy a new GT. Now he’s back with a new video that sheds (more) light on just how expensive supercars are to fix. Leviathan drives a Ferrari F430 and a few months ago his door was dinged by another driver. Unfortunately the ding happened while the door was opened, but luckily there was no structural damage. However, that doesn’t mean the repair was cheap or quick. This is a Ferrari we’re talking about after all.

Leviathan had to pay $40,000 and wait six months to get his door fixed! He made this video to explain the process but likely killed the dreams of many would-be Ferrari owners. After all, six months is a long time to drive around with only one door and $40,000 is a lot of freaking money for a door!

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