Is Porsche Testing A New Boxster Spyder?

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Like the new Cayman GT4, only topless.

This is one of those things we just know Porsche is up to but has yet to confirm. Just a couple of weeks ago the Porsche Cayman GT4 was unveiled. In some ways it's the previous generation (997) 911 GT3 only smaller, more precise, and mid-engined. We'll see the Cayman GT4 in the flesh in Geneva next month but for now we've come across a couple of spy images that could very well be a new Boxster Spyder. How can we tell? Note the hunches on the rear decklid we saw on the previous-gen Boxster Spyder.

This looks to be hidden by a regular Boxster top. There's also a modified rear spoiler, often referred to as the ducktail spoiler. Whatever this Boxster is, it's seen here testing with a Cayman. By the way, a topless version of the Cayman GT4 would also be just fine by us.

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