The Devel Sixteen's Engine Is An Absolute Monster


And it's almost as powerful as claimed.

The Devel Sixteen concept appeared on the scene at the 2013 Dubai Motor Show and was a high-powered supercar that claimed to be at the forefront of performance, technology and luxury. The vehicle looked and sounded way too good to be true with a claimed 5,000-hp V16 that could propel the car to 60 mph in 1.8 seconds. Yeah, that sounds like a load of crap from an automaker that we've never heard of before. However, in a recent video, Steve Morris Engines is testing the quad-turbo V16 and can be seen making 4,500 hp.

Needless to say, 4,500 hp is overkill, but sounds absolutely incredible. Could Devel actually make one of the most powerful supercars in the world?

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