Is This Could The First BMW M2 For Sale On Craigslist?

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There's no way in hell this ad lasts long.

Ever since the BMW M2 went into production and deliveries began I've been waiting to find one listed for sale on Craigslist. I knew it would take a while but I held out hope, especially after seeing how many people flipped the Tesla Model X a mere month and change after the first one rolled off the production line. All that waiting has finally paid off as a Long Beach Blue Metallic M2 with a hair under 1,000 miles has just been listed for sale on Craigslist in Washington DC. Dreams do come true.

According to the ad the current owner is one of the first people in the DC area to take delivery of an M2, which happened back in April. Unfortunately the seller is moving to Boston and must sell the Bimmer. You can decide for yourself whether that excuse is legit or not (it's totally not). The seller will consider "any offers more than $65k" due to the optional extras. One of those is the Executive Package ($1,250), which consists of a rear view camera with distance control, heated steering wheel, automatic high beams, speed limit info and active driving assistant. The BMW Wheels/Tire package ($2,000) and six year/100,000 warranty ($4,000) are also noted in the ad. While we're counting that Long Beach Metallic paint job is an additional $550.

The M2 has a base MSRP of $51,700 and all those extras come in at $7,800, which makes for a grand total of $59,500. Assuming this seller gets just $65,000 for the M2 that's not a massive profit. But we highly doubt it'll sell for that low. It's in great condition (how could it not be?) and the majority of people who want this car right now aren't high enough on the wait list to get it, not to mention those who aren't on the list at all. This person has to be counting on a bidding war to break out, which will happen. That's fine by us. We've said many times before that small scale flips like this actually help gearheads out as it lets them pay a little extra cash to cut the line, something most would gladly do if companies like BMW gave them the chance.

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We assume the person who ends up buying this car will actually drive it as there's no real chance the M2 will be a solid financial investment. Hopefully the next owner realizes that a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six sending 365 horsepower to the rear wheels is something worth working your life around. Yeah, it snows in Boston and parking sucks but guess what: The city has garages that let you both keep your car safe from the elements and the dangers of the street. Besides, doesn't a 440-mile road trip in the M2 from DC to Boston sound awesome?

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