Holy Moscow! Audi Coupe Looks Like An Optical Illusion

What happens when you leave an Audi Coupe in the hands of a few Transformers fans? The end result is a very strange looking car that blends parts from the A4, A6 and Audi 80. The"hybrid" Audi features a front end of an A4, chassis and body from the Audi 80 and a rear end from the A6.The headlights resemble the eyes of Jaws and, overall, it looks like something you would normally find in a Mad Magazine Fold-In at the end.

The owner of this Audi monstrosity has decided to put the car up for sale for the reasonable, yet eccentric asking price of €8,730 or $12,430. Whoever buys this car will certainly have something "unique" to add to their garage collection. We only wonder how much vodka the owner had when this genius idea came to mind. Photos courtesy of

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